December 27, 2018

We Started A Small Shop

Happy ALMOST New Year! 
It has been a little over a month since my last Blog post as things have been quite busy around here. In case you have not heard the news, we have started a Small Shop! 
Having my very own online store has always been a big dream of mine and this season I am over the moon to share with you all that we are now O P E N for business!

The story behind Shop Miss Lulu Pearl is pretty simple. 
As a wife, mama & fur mama, I wanted to create and share a collection of items that are close to my heart in this season of life! 
Our shop carries both personalized items as well as boutique clothing/accessories for women, children, babies & pets.  We have lots of Monograms, seasonal fashion, and Mommy & Me outfits, too! We love adding new inventory and we do so often.  Please be sure to follow along on Social Media for sneak peeks, new arrivals & promo codes!

You can check out our personalized pieces on Etsy at: 
You can check out our collection of boutique clothing & jewelry, which are shoppable straight from our social media channels on our 
Instagram: @ShopMissLuluPearl
& VIP Facebook Group: ShopMissLuluPearl

***As a special way to say thank you for visiting my Blog today, you can use coupon code
 SHOPMLP for 10% off 
your order from our Etsy shop, anytime between now & New Year's Eve! ***

Our Valentine's Day collection is set to be released just after the New Year and we cannot wait to share our favorites with you as we move into 2019!

Wishing you all lots of love & all the best in the New Year! 



November 8, 2018

Styling the Modern Mama this season

Hello Mamas & Happy November! 
Have you started shopping for the holidays yet!? I have not even started to shop for the all.the.things yet...but we do have our outfits!
Priorities...right!? ;) 

*This post contains Affiliate Links, which means I receive a commission through purchases. It does not affect you as a consumer. 

If you are looking for a special outfit for yourself for the upcoming season, you can take advantage of
If dresses aren't what you are looking for, you can take
*Both sales are on today through Saturday only (11.8-11.10)

With a houseful of boys, I am searching for all things girly this holiday season & some of my favorite new arrivals are linked below! 
Many of the items below are nursing friendly, which is a must-have for me this season.
Also, did you know that PinkBlush carries a Baby & Kid's line too!? With lots of family time in the next couple of months, I linked an adorable "Cousin Crew" tee, which is perfect for photo opps during family get togethers with the cousins!

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your week!



September 5, 2018

Formula Feeding

Today's post is a special share on providing nourishment for your growing family!
Finding the best ways to nourish your new baby from infancy through toddlerhood can be overwhelming.
As a parent of a newborn and a toddler, I fully understand that challenge!

 Earlier this year, my Blog collaborated with to share with you all their collection of the highest quality organic babyfood, completely free of additives. 

Their mission is to provide parents in the US with simple and inexpensive access to organic nourishment for their infants, while nixing all of the artificial additives that are commonly found in organic babyfoods produced with the US. 
Their commitment to  this mission has enabled them to open up three offices with the US, in addition to their warehouse in Europe. 

That very same company has now opened to bring their customers the lowest prices & free shipping on bulk orders of their organic formula, straight from their warehouse in Germany! offers three different brands of baby formula, including Holle, Lebenswert, & Hipp. Each one of these brands ae specifically designed to meet your baby's developmental needs according to their age. 
Their formula contains no added cane sugar, coloring, fructose corn syrup, soy, gluten or artificial flavorings.
If you are a breastfeeding Mother, be sure to check out their tips on transitioning baby from breastfeeding to bottle feeding
when it comes time to wean, or if you simply want to supplement baby with formula in addition to nursing. 

All orders placed through are shipped within 24 hours, with the shipping free of charge! 

I hope that this week's post can help provide you all with a little peace of mind surrounding nourishing your little ones.
Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your week! 




August 28, 2018

The Fourth Trimester with two under two

I have about 10 minutes free to share a quick update & trust me when I say that 10 whole minutes isn't easy come by these days! ;)
However we are well into the Fourth Trimester and I am going to take this time to shed some light on adjusting to life with our two little ones <3

Having two babies back to back comes with a whole lot of chaos of course, but it's a whole lot of fun, too!
Leading up to the birth of our second little one, I spent so much time worried about how my oldest would adjust and how I would be able to shower them both with enough attention. I experienced everything from excitement to anxiousness and everything in between while waiting for Baby Jackson's arrival. About six weeks into this gig, I have discovered that in regards to all those initial worries...your heart just grows! 
As does your ability to multi-task, to function on less sleep, to get out the door. 
Your mommin' skills are put on the fast track to say the least!  

Our days go from zero to sixty in five seconds flat. Either everyone is happy or everyone is crying...there is rarely an in between.
Days and nights all tend to blend as an endless cycle of feeding babies and changing diapers and washing laundry and tiring out the toddler while soothing that snuggly newborn. 
It's excitement and exhaustion all rolled into one!
The sole thing that helps me keep it together at this point is the fact that
Phases come and phases go.
Babies all learn to roll, to sleep on their own, and feed themselves eventually.
So for now, I am fully embracing the chaos of having two little ones who are solely dependent on me for every little thing!
There are days that we can accomplish errands and stick to nap times and keep the house clean all within the same 24 hours.
Then there are some days that I just thank my lucky stars that the dog cleans up whatever mess of food is scattered under the high chair that I don't have time to get to!

Below is a collection of items I count on to help get us through the day:
*Please note some of the links below are affiliate links* 

Ergobaby 360 Omni All-in-One Ergonomic Baby Carrier 
A hands-free babywearing carrier is a lifesaver when you are trying to care your infant and keep up with your toddler! We love our Ergo!

I also utilize our Moby Wrap & I especially love it during the newborn stage because the material is so soft. 

Toddler Busy Bags
Wrangling a toddler is a full time job but when you have another little one to care for, finding something to occupy the older one is very helpful! I keep a collection of these activities in a cabinet in our kitchen and I pull them out for Colton when I just need something to keep him busy while I tend to the littlest.

Mumbelli Infant Bed 
This womb-like infant bed has helped our Jackson to sleep like a champ! I love the insert it comes with so that he can lounge while elevated to help soothe any reflux after feedings. This bed is also really convenient because it is portable and we use it both indoors and out!

Rock 'n Play Sleeper
We did not have this item when Colton was a newborn but I SO wish that we did! It does a great job of soothing and helping our littlest to sleep longer. 

Skip Hop Dash Signature Messenger Diaper Bag
We have had this particular bag since Colton was a newborn but now that I have two babes, it is just really tough to carry a bag everywhere we go so this just remains fully stocked in my trunk. I have turned our trunk into a baby-changing station and keeping the bag back there at all times makes for one less thing I have to remember to grab when heading out :)

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock
Grocery shopping with multiple children is tough and space is always an issue! This item is GENIUS and I could not complete our errands without it!

Brica Infant Comfort Canopy
Since it is summertime, we are outside a lot. I use this carseat cover because it has SPF protection to keep the rays off of the babe and the breathable netting keeps all insects away.

Itzy Ritzy Nursing Cover
I think Itzy Ritzy has the cutest prints so I always have a couple of these on hand for feedings whenever we are out.

Self Tanner by Fake Bake
This is just for Mama! I always try to wake up just a little earlier than the babies so that I can be ready for the day, but there is just not always time to get myself put together. This self tanner helps give me a little extra boost when I don't have time for a full face of makeup!


July 25, 2018

Welcome Baby Number 2

Happy July sweet friends!

Our sweet baby boy is finally here & today I am finally catching a few minutes to share our birth story. For  those of you who have been following my Blog since the start, you may remember back when I shared my birth story with the arrival of my firstborn.
For any of you first time Mamas that may be interested, you can read that here! 
I also shared a video on preparing my hospital bag as well as some key postpartum and newborn items that can be viewed here.

My first baby arrived right on time whereas this little one came almost a week late! I really wanted to wait this time until I went into labor on my own opposed to getting induced, but by the way he kept us waiting, I was almost sure we were going to be waiting all summer!
On the morning of July 15th however, I woke up a little after midnight with strong contractions. I called my doctor and since my contractions were about eight minutes apart, she instructed me to wait it out at home and to start heading to the hospital when they were closer to three minutes apart. I did just that and by 6AM, we headed in! I got the epidural soon after check in & the hubby and I got to spend the day watching tv & I even snuck in a little nap! My doctor had told me leading up to labor and delivery that things would probably progress a little more quickly & easily this time around than the first time and for me that was so very true! Our little one arrived that afternoon at 3:24PM & his name is Jackson Thomas <3

We had some newborn photos taken while we were in the hospital and they are moments that I will forever cherish! We had special matching outfits for the photos that we were gifted from two mother/baby shops & if you or someone you know is expecting a little one, I highly recommend checking them out for your first photos as a family! The information for both of those shops are linked below the photos :) 

I was gifted a matching labor gown, pillowcase and nursing night gown along with a newborn gown for my little guy, all from Baby Be Mine Maternity. They carry a collection of maternity & nursing friendly clothing for Mama as well as matching newborn gowns for baby! For everything from bump to baby, they have a variety of prints and items available on their website!
The exact set that I wore for delivery was the Lilly print labor gown with the matching pillowcase. For the first night in the hospital, I wore the Lilly print nursing nightgown with the gray matching set for baby!

For our mother/son photos, we wore outfits that we were gifted from The Mother Baby Bond! This boutique is located in Katy, TX and they carry maternity, nursing and baby clothing & accessories. They also offer lactation consultations as well as breastfeeding and infant care classes. You can shop their full collection online! 

The whole experience of welcoming baby number two was so smooth and we are so thankful for our little guy! We have been home now for a little over a week & the first 24 hours home with two babies was intense to say the least ;)
Our sweet Colton has really settled into his new role as Big Brother however and is loving himself some baby snuggles! 
We have been soaking up lots of time as a family, enjoying daily walks and watching the boys bond. We are so thankful that God chose us to raise these two boys and we can't wait to help guide them as they grow!




June 1, 2018

The Farmer's Dog

Today's post is for all the pet parents out there!
You all know how special Lulu Pearl is to our family & finding food to fit her nutritional needs has always been important to me!
I am excited to be collaborating with The Farmer’s Dog to share with you a smarter, healthier pet food brand that delivers freshly made dog food directly to your door.

This company creates personalized and ready to serve meals, tailored to your dog's nutritional needs. Each dog's plan is created by board-certified veterinary nutritionists, so you can be assured that your pup's meals are complete and balanced according to AAFCO standards.  All of their meals are tested on humans and each recipe is cooked in their human-grade kitchens. Once prepared, the meals will be packaged into an insulated shipping box, to keep them fresh while on their way to your doorstep! 
When your shipment arrives, you can unpack it by placing the meal packs right into your freezer, while keeping a few in your fridge so that they are defrosted and ready for feeding time. Your order will arrive with a personalized feeding guide which well tell you exactly how much food your pet requires each day, based on factors such as their breed and activity level. 

Get started by trying out a two week trial & take 50% off your first order! Simply fill out their questionnaire to discover your dog's recommended meal plan & then wait for your delivery! 
*Please note that this post contains Affiliate links*

Our girl loves her food & we hope that you give it a try, too!
Here's to keeping all of our furry babies happy & healthy as can be <3



May 26, 2018

All Things Baby Number 2: Hospital Bag, Postpartum & Newborn Items

Welcome Back! Today's post is a video on all thing Baby Number 2!
It includes the items I am packing in my hospital bag along with postpartum & baby items.
I have linked as many products from the video as I could below, so they are all shoppable!

*Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links*

You can view my Blog Post containing a few Baby Registry items from my first child here, many of which we are reusing this time around as well:

Hospital Bag Checklist for Mama & Baby:
-Travel size toiletry items (toothbrush/toothpaste, shower stuff, makeup, hair ties/cute headbands, makeup remover wipes)
-Camera & Phone Charger
-Protein bars & snacks for the hubby along with any items he may want to bring for staying overnight
-Gifts for the Mother/Baby nursing staff 
-Matching Maternity/Nursing PJ set for myself & baby from The Mother Baby Bond 
-Gifts for Colton and the new baby to exchange when they meet at the hospital 
-Outfits/swaddles for the baby to wear if you choose to have newborn photos taken at the hospital. I got my little one a monogrammed outfit from Skcreationss on Etsy as well as matching brother shirts by Mud Pie for both boys to wear in the photos
-Nursing Bras in multiple colors
-Lansinoh Cream for nursing
-Comfortable going home outfits for me & baby 
-Carseat for taking baby home in

Postpartum Items:
-Comfy clothes that are postpartum & nursing friendly to wear around the house & for when guests are visiting! A few of my favorites are below, they are all from PinkBlush :)
Floral Kimono to throw on over a nursing tank top or cami
-Nursing Bras. PinkBlush carries a full line of nursing bras for daytime and overnight. The Jessica Simpson line has some awesome ones as well!
-Pump & accessories. I used the Medela Brand the first time around & got the Spectra Baby S2 this time! 

Items for the Baby:
-Carseat adapter for the stroller so that it can fit our Chicco infant carseat
-Baby lounger by Mumbelli
-Milestone Blanket for taking monthly baby photos 
-Newborn & size one diapers & if you can sign up for the ones that are delivered from amazon...even better :)
-Books about being a Big Brother...this one is for Colton! Social stores are a great way to help ease a new life transition for little ones so grabbing a couple of books about have a new baby in the house are great to help prepare an older sibling: 

I hope this post helps and wish you the best in welcoming your new little one! Have any ideas to add to the list!? Feel free to leave them below!


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