March 14, 2018

Mumbelli Baby Bed

Hello Sweet Friends!

As we are getting SO excited to welcome our sweet baby boy in just a few months, I have been picking up items here and there so that our home is good & ready for him! I know I've mentioned it here before, but since we already have a little one year old, we really don't need very many baby items this time around since we are pretty much fully stocked from Colton! However, one thing I wish I would have gotten the first time around is a safe spot for baby to lay aside from the crib or cradle for those times when he can't be in my arms. I also know that the reality is, when you place a newborn down in a crib those first few months, you can almost guarantee that they're gonna cry! Even if they're swaddled. The reasoning behind this is because they spend 9 months snuggled up inside the womb and they still crave that closed in comfort for the first few months of their lives as a way to help soothe. An open space such as a crib just doesn't provide the cradling that new babies crave. 

I came across the Mumbelli Baby Bed & I cannot wait to use this for little Baby Jackson because it is made to help ease the transition from the womb to the world. The Mumbelli is tailored to suit babies up to about 3 months of age, or whenever they learn to roll.
The design cradles your baby in womb-like comfort and includes an adjustable foot rest to grow with baby while keeping them nice and snug! It also comes with a wedge insert, which can be placed under the Mumbelli mattress, that enables you to change baby's positioning. The wedge offers a slight angle while baby is laying down as a way to reduce infant reflux.
What I love most about this baby bed is that it is completely portable! It can be placed directly into the crib, on the couch right next to you, tag along while visiting grandma's house or on vacation. It is super lightweight and comes with a carrying bag to keep it clean while on the go.

When it comes time to wash, you can simply unzip the plush bed cover along with the mattress cover and toss it directly into the washing machine.

You can shop the Mumbelli here in four different colors. We have the taupe Mumbelli and I love that it is neutral so that we can continue to use it in the future as our family grows :)

Have you tried the Mumbelli!? Feel free to share below if so!
Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your week! 


Disclosure: I received the Mumbelli  free of charge  in exchange for this review. All opinions and reviews shared in this post are my own. 


February 26, 2018

Basic Invite Customizable Invitations

Happy Monday to you all! 
As spring is approaching, our family has many exciting events coming up! Over the next few months, we will be attending a Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Wedding, First Birthday, Housewarming Party & College Graduation all for members of our family.
This time of year marks the start of lots of celebrating for our loved ones & we can't wait!

I myself LOVE a good get together and my very favorite part of throwing a the planning! I love to create custom invitations to send out to our guests leading up to an event, plus I always stash an extra in our family album as a keepsake! 

Today I want to share with you a company called Basic Invite that allows customers to create customizable invitations & stationary for all of life's big moments!

This invitation website offers a large variety of designs and styles, including everything from birthday invitation ideas, to thank you notes, and more. They also offer over 180 different color options so that your creation can be customized right on down to the littlest detail!
Once your creation is complete, customers can utilize their instant online preview PLUS order a printed sample of the design before placing the final order. 
Need envelopes to match!? Basic Invite carries over 40 different colors so that your invitation can be sent out in style!  

When it comes to addressing the invitations, Basic Invite has an address capturing service that enables customers to easily share a link on social media to request addresses from family and friends, which are stored within the customer's account and can be selected during the design process.

They are currently offering 15% off all orders with code: 15FF51 

 I am excited to design my own custom creations for both of my summer babies,  just like the ones below!

Be sure to check them out on Social Media
feel free to share your favorite designs below!

Thanks so much for stopping by, wishing you all a wonderful week!



February 14, 2018

A Few of my favortie things

Happy Valentine's Day lovelies! 
This has always been my very favorite holiday so I thought it might be fun to share a few special items with you today that I LOVE! 

1. Is it too early to pull out spring clothing!? It is still SO cold here, however these pieces from PinkBlush brighten up my wardrobe and I love the way they fit! Plus today only, they are having a Valentine's Day sale! Take 20% off orders with code: XOPINKBLUSH

2. Leather Earrings from Junkin' Sistas
I LOVE finding new jewelry pieces
these earrings are super lightweight and come in every color! 

3. Makeup Brushes by Sonia Kashuk.
I recently update my makeup brush set (it was long overdue!)
I have come to love this line! They sell individual brushes as well as full sets:  

I just discovered these baby wipes for Colton and I am huge fan of them because they are 100% non-toxic and chemical free!
Happy Little Camper carries a full-line of diapers & wipes at great prices.
They are so gentle on baby's skin and I love that they are made with such skin-healthy ingredients.

Have any favorite items of your own!? Feel free to share below!
Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine's Day!


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January 30, 2018

Gender Reveal of Baby Number 2

The results are in & we are SO excited to share the gender of Baby Number 2!
Thanks to the SneakPeek Early Gender Test, we were able to find out the gender of our baby in the comfort of our own home.
By collecting a sample of blood, SneakPeek was able to test it & then send us our results via email within 24 hours. I took the test right around the 11th week of my pregnancy, however their gender testing kits can detect the gender as early as 9 weeks!
The hubby and I found out the baby's gender together earlier this past month and have kept it a secret these past few weeks because we wanted to share it with our loved ones in a special way. 

Since Colton is going to be a big brother, we wanted him to be able to share the big news. We spent an afternoon at the Build-A-Bear Workshop so that Colton could make a special bear to give to his new sibling upon the arrival. They sell t-shirts especially for gender reveals, so we thought that if Colton made the bear, dressed it in the gender reveal shirt and then revealed it to our family, it would make it fun for him!

Over this past weekend, we celebrated the Gender Reveal with our loved ones & we 
are over the moon to share that..
Colton is getting a baby brother & his name is going to be Jackson Thomas <3

My goodness I am so excited to have TWO sweet boys
we absolutely cannot wait for his arrival! 
It was really exciting to learn the gender so early on this time around. With Colton, we waited for the 20 week ultrasound to find out his gender & this time, I just could not wait to know! SneakPeek was amazing to work with! They notified me as soon as my blood sample had arrived in their lab and then followed up within hours giving me the final results. The whole process was so quick!
If you are expecting and eager to know the gender of your little one, learn more about the
SneakPeek at home test & purchase it here!

Thanks so much for stopping by & hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!


Disclosure: I received the gender test free of charge from SneakPeek in exchange for this review. All opinions and reviews shared in this post are my own. 


January 19, 2018

New Family Vlog

Happy Friday!
Today I am sharing a new vlog over on my YouTube channel, but I wanted to share it here as well! This video includes a toddler update, we found out the gender of baby number 2 & we're sharing the news that we're moving!

Link to First Pregnancy Bumpdates:

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Hope you enjoy!



January 16, 2018

Jord Watches Valentine's Day Discount & Giveaway

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it is hands down my FAVORITE holiday! The hubby and I look forward to celebrating each year & I always love being able to gift him a little something that reminds him of how special our love story is to me.

This year I am so excited to bring my readers the chance to spoil their honey as well! My Blog is partnering with JORD Watches to giveaway a free $100 credit to shop their line of wood watches for both men & women. With a variety of watch series to choose from plus the option to add personalized engraving, their line of wood watches make the perfect gift! I've shared the many reasons why I love their line of watches over on my Instagram.
You can enter here for a chance to win our giveaway & by entering, you will automatically receive 10% off on all purchases through the end of January!
*This giveaway ends January 17, 2018 at 12 PM.

My husband owns the Conway Walnut & Jet Black Watch and he really loves the contrast of the colors in the band. The watch arrived packaged neatly into a wooden box for safe keeping and it is a timepiece that he will enjoy wearing for years to come. 

Do you have a favorite design by JORD Watches!? If so, feel free to share below! Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram & best of luck on the giveaway!


Disclosure: This giveaway is a collaboration between JORD Watches & The Miss Lulu Pearl Blog. The giveaway ends on January 17, 2018 at 12PM. All opinions and reviews shared in this post are my own. 

January 14, 2018


Happy Sunday Mama Friends!
I've said it many times before, but Sundays truly are my favorite day of the week. We try to reserve Sundays as our family day, spent going to church and then brunch and whatever else the day brings, so long as we are doing it together.

I can remember back to when I first found out that Colton was on the way. I spent my days planning for all those sweet family photos we would take, afternoons spent lounging around with my baby and cuddling the day away. I dreamed of the movie nights my husband and I would enjoy once our sweet little bundle went down for the night. And then he was here. Seven pounds and nine ounces and FULL of life! 
Yes we got those pictures, and occasional stretches of laying around in between his crying and spit up and milk leaking everywhere! But the movie nights!? We have yet to make it  through even a TV show for longer than an 8 minute stretch before the baby needs something!
My point is, in raising a family, it is so easy to become distracted by the endless cycle of feedings and diaper changes and cleaning up messes. And that's just life with little ones! If your babies are school aged, perhaps you feel that you are doing all these things plus racing around from school to sports and activities. This season of life is a busy one, no matter where you are on your journey through Motherhood. 
 But then Sunday comes around and gives us the chance to soak in the incredible moments He has given us. And they're not always perfect! Most of the time, just the race to get out the door in time for church with a tired toddler could qualify as an Olympic sport ;) Then once we are there...we are up and down that pew a million times because the little man has dropped his cheerios or is becoming restless.
Yet we make the effort because of what it does for our family.
No matter how difficult the moment, it is time we can count on each and every week where there is no TV or phones or things to distract us from each other. It forces us to be in the reality of the moment that is made up of raising this little human. And do I think it will be any easier when baby number 2 comes along!? Oh absolutely not!

However the beauty is found in the realness of the moment and I am forever grateful for the days He has gifted me with these boys. (No matter how loud or noisy or chaotic it may seem!)
Here is to wishing you and your family lots of love on this day God created for family because 
The love of a family is life's greatest blessing ♡


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