June 1, 2018

The Farmer's Dog

Today's post is for all the pet parents out there!
You all know how special Lulu Pearl is to our family & finding food to fit her nutritional needs has always been important to me!
I am excited to be collaborating with The Farmer’s Dog to share with you a smarter, healthier pet food brand that delivers freshly made dog food directly to your door.

This company creates personalized and ready to serve meals, tailored to your dog's nutritional needs. Each dog's plan is created by board-certified veterinary nutritionists, so you can be assured that your pup's meals are complete and balanced according to AAFCO standards.  All of their meals are tested on humans and each recipe is cooked in their human-grade kitchens. Once prepared, the meals will be packaged into an insulated shipping box, to keep them fresh while on their way to your doorstep! 
When your shipment arrives, you can unpack it by placing the meal packs right into your freezer, while keeping a few in your fridge so that they are defrosted and ready for feeding time. Your order will arrive with a personalized feeding guide which well tell you exactly how much food your pet requires each day, based on factors such as their breed and activity level. 

Get started by trying out a two week trial & take 50% off your first order! Simply fill out their questionnaire to discover your dog's recommended meal plan & then wait for your delivery! 
*Please note that this post contains Affiliate links*

Our girl loves her food & we hope that you give it a try, too!
Here's to keeping all of our furry babies happy & healthy as can be <3



May 26, 2018

All Things Baby Number 2: Hospital Bag, Postpartum & Newborn Items

Welcome Back! Today's post is a video on all thing Baby Number 2!
It includes the items I am packing in my hospital bag along with postpartum & baby items.
I have linked as many products from the video as I could below, so they are all shoppable!

*Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links*

You can view my Blog Post containing a few Baby Registry items from my first child here, many of which we are reusing this time around as well: http://misslulupearlblog.blogspot.com/2017/03/baby-registry-product-reviews.html

Hospital Bag Checklist for Mama & Baby:
-Travel size toiletry items (toothbrush/toothpaste, shower stuff, makeup, hair ties/cute headbands, makeup remover wipes)
-Camera & Phone Charger
-Protein bars & snacks for the hubby along with any items he may want to bring for staying overnight
-Gifts for the Mother/Baby nursing staff 
-Matching Maternity/Nursing PJ set for myself & baby from The Mother Baby Bond 
-Gifts for Colton and the new baby to exchange when they meet at the hospital 
-Outfits/swaddles for the baby to wear if you choose to have newborn photos taken at the hospital. I got my little one a monogrammed outfit from Skcreationss on Etsy as well as matching brother shirts by Mud Pie for both boys to wear in the photos
-Nursing Bras in multiple colors
-Lansinoh Cream for nursing
-Comfortable going home outfits for me & baby 
-Carseat for taking baby home in

Postpartum Items:
-Comfy clothes that are postpartum & nursing friendly to wear around the house & for when guests are visiting! A few of my favorites are below, they are all from PinkBlush :)
Floral Kimono to throw on over a nursing tank top or cami
-Nursing Bras. PinkBlush carries a full line of nursing bras for daytime and overnight. The Jessica Simpson line has some awesome ones as well!
-Pump & accessories. I used the Medela Brand the first time around & got the Spectra Baby S2 this time! 

Items for the Baby:
-Carseat adapter for the stroller so that it can fit our Chicco infant carseat
-Baby lounger by Mumbelli
-Milestone Blanket for taking monthly baby photos 
-Newborn & size one diapers & if you can sign up for the ones that are delivered from amazon...even better :)
-Books about being a Big Brother...this one is for Colton! Social stores are a great way to help ease a new life transition for little ones so grabbing a couple of books about have a new baby in the house are great to help prepare an older sibling: 

I hope this post helps and wish you the best in welcoming your new little one! Have any ideas to add to the list!? Feel free to leave them below!



May 5, 2018

Spring Looks for Mama from Pink Blush

Happy spring ladies!

With Mother's Day right around the corner, I wanted to take a moment to share a few pretty wardrobe pieces for you Mamas & Mamas to be!
While we can all agree that motherhood is one of the BEST callings in the world, it is not always the most glamorous (cue the sticky fingers, milk splotches everywhere & the "where in the world did that stain come from!?" moments.) Earlier this week, I had been running errands all.day.long with my toddler in tow! Around dinnertime, I ran past a mirror on my way to get him into the bathtub and realized that I had been sporting peanut butter stains ALL over my top! I had to stop and wonder how many people I talked to all day with that on my shirt!?
Ohhh Motherhood! 
The days are busy and we are all about embracing the messy, that is for sure! However having a few special items for myself just adds a little bit of charm to the chaos ;)

You all know by now how much I love the versatile clothing items available from PinkBlush!
My favorite part about the clothing they carry is the fact that it fits whatever stage you may be in on your journey through Motherhood. Whether you are expecting and looking to style your bump, seeking nursing friendly outfits,
chasing toddlers, toting kiddos to and from soccer practice or some combination of all of the above...PinkBlush has you covered!
PLUS every item is made to work with or without a baby bump! All of the clothing items shared below are meant to be worn before, during or after pregnancy. 

I love that their line is so easy to wear AND it is stylish!
Below are my top three picks from their spring clothing line. The links to shop these items are placed within each photo description. 
Hope you enjoy!

First up is this Light Blue Floral Chiffon Maternity Kimono. The bell sleeves and floral print make this the perfect cover up to throw over a plain top or a fitted dress!

This next item is their Mauve Lace Neck Long Sleeve Maternity Maxi Dress. Lace is one of those details that just adds so much simple elegance to an outfit! Plus this soft shade of pink is a nice contrast for this boy Mama who is typically surrounded by all things baby blue!

The final item I will leave you with is this Grey Floral Off Shoulder Maternity Maxi Dress. It is cinched just below the bustline and the body of the dress is fully lined. The sleeves are sheer and the bow accent near the neckline is so fun!

Happy Shopping <3


April 20, 2018

Feeding Baby: Organic Babyfood Shop

Happy April, Mamas! 

Today's post is all about feeding baby! This week I am partnering with https://organicbabyfood.shop to share their line of organic babyfood & formula with my readers. 

Whether you are welcoming your first baby or your fifth, finding healthy products for baby is a top priority for most parents. I am really happy to share this shop with you all, as their mission is to provide parents with easy and affordable access to the best organic nourishment for your little ones, while nixing artificial additives. Organicbabyfood.shop is run by real parents that struggled to find the right formula with their first born and almost gave up, settling for the least worse available formula, until they found Lebenswert by Holle. Only problem was, the formula was not sold in the US. Luckily a friend of theirs was in Germany and helped them get in contact with Holle. Seeing the amazing benefits this product had on their child, they decided to share the product with other parents within the USA.
You can read more about their story at https://organicbabyfood.shop/pages/about-us.
Today, Organic baby food shop provides the best organic baby formula in the world directly to parents in the USA. Holle, Lebenswert and HiPP formulas are 100% organic, made with no artificial ingredients, no additives, no preservatives, no corn syrup, no cane sugar, no gluten, and no soy. They also collaborate actively with Baby2baby.org, providing babies in need with their products for free.
Organic baby food shop carries organic formulas that are geared to nourish your baby from infancy through toddlerhood. In addition, they carry 100% organic baby cereal for when baby is ready to start on solids! 
They offer a preparation guideline
plus they are available to take questions via email regarding choosing products and feeding baby.

Orders can be placed online and they offer FREE shipping on all orders over $50! Packages are shipped from the one of their two US offices, located in Austin, TX & Los Angeles, CA. 

If you are a Mama who chooses to breastfeed, be sure to check out their tips on transitioning baby from breastfeeding to bottle feeding
when it comes time to wean, or if you simply want to supplement baby with formula in addition to nursing. 

As a soon-to-be Mama of two, I know firsthand how many decisions there are surrounding choosing the best products for your baby. My hope is that this shop can provide you with some peace of mind in choosing quality nourishment for your growing family!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


April 16, 2018

Second Trimester Bump Date

I am officially into my 3rd Trimester & I figured this would be a great time to give you expecting Mamas a little bumpdate from the past few months :)

During my first pregnancy, I shared monthly updates that you can read all about here.
Those posts include everything from my personal pregnancy symptoms, lots of ( pregnancy safe!) products that I used & ways we were prepping to bring a baby into our home for the very first time. 
Although my updates this time around have been a little less regular, I do have a few things I wanted to share!

Second trimester has been pretty smooth, thankfully! This second pregnancy has been very similar to my first. I would say that the only noticeable difference is that although pregnancy while keeping up with a toddler can be exhausting at times, it is really exciting as you get to watch your little one become a big sibling! I also feel soo much more relaxed this time around, perhaps because I kind of know what to expect. Even though every pregnancy, delivery and baby can be so different, having been through this all once before helps to calm those pre-baby jitters!

Aside from heartburn and an insatiable appetite, I have been feeling pretty good. There was about a week in there (it was around week 25 or 26!?) that I could not kick the hormonal headaches & I am convinced this little boy is going to be a little athlete with the way I constantly feel him kicking and moving around! Big brother Colton is growing more & more excited and points out babies everywhere we go! It is crazy to think that this new little one will be joining our family in just a few short months.

I received a really fun pregnancy gift box from BumpBoxes about a month ago and the items inside have been a lifesaver these past few weeks! If any of you are feeling the following symptoms, I have linked some shoppable items below for you!

*Links below are affiliate links
Because I have some very intense heartburn,
I have found Tame the Flame Heartburn Relief tablets by Healthy Mama to be SO helpful!
They came in my gift box & were created especially for expecting and nursing mothers. They provide an instant relief for indigestion & I definitely recommend them. 

To try and avoid stretch marks, I use Belly Butter by Glow 9 Organics. This is also an item that arrived in my gift box and I SO wish I would have known about this stuff sooner! It is a really thick combination of organic shea & cocoa butter & so far, it has been doing it's job!! It has kept my belly really moisturized and has completely nixed the itchy skin that sometimes accompanies a growing bump.

One thing that has been a little tough for me during the second trimester is that Sciatica has returned, as it did in my first pregnancy. Although the following item is not an actual treatment for Sciatica, I have found that Tummy to Toes Cooling Leg & Foot Cream by Bella B has really soothed the symptoms. 

As we move into the homestretch, we are excited to finish getting the nursery ready and get those last minute baby items. 
I hope that all of you expecting Mamas are feeling well & I will be back with another update sometime before this little man makes his appearance ;)

Wishing you all lots of love!



March 14, 2018

Mumbelli Baby Bed

Hello Sweet Friends!

As we are getting SO excited to welcome our sweet baby boy in just a few months, I have been picking up items here and there so that our home is good & ready for him! I know I've mentioned it here before, but since we already have a little one year old, we really don't need very many baby items this time around since we are pretty much fully stocked from Colton! However, one thing I wish I would have gotten the first time around is a safe spot for baby to lay aside from the crib or cradle for those times when he can't be in my arms. I also know that the reality is, when you place a newborn down in a crib those first few months, you can almost guarantee that they're gonna cry! Even if they're swaddled. The reasoning behind this is because they spend 9 months snuggled up inside the womb and they still crave that closed in comfort for the first few months of their lives as a way to help soothe. An open space such as a crib just doesn't provide the cradling that new babies crave. 

I came across the Mumbelli Baby Bed & I cannot wait to use this for little Baby Jackson because it is made to help ease the transition from the womb to the world. The Mumbelli is tailored to suit babies up to about 3 months of age, or whenever they learn to roll.
The design cradles your baby in womb-like comfort and includes an adjustable foot rest to grow with baby while keeping them nice and snug! It also comes with a wedge insert, which can be placed under the Mumbelli mattress, that enables you to change baby's positioning. The wedge offers a slight angle while baby is laying down as a way to reduce infant reflux.
What I love most about this baby bed is that it is completely portable! It can be placed directly into the crib, on the couch right next to you, tag along while visiting grandma's house or on vacation. It is super lightweight and comes with a carrying bag to keep it clean while on the go.

When it comes time to wash, you can simply unzip the plush bed cover along with the mattress cover and toss it directly into the washing machine.

You can shop the Mumbelli here in four different colors. We have the taupe Mumbelli and I love that it is neutral so that we can continue to use it in the future as our family grows :)

Have you tried the Mumbelli!? Feel free to share below if so!
Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your week! 


Disclosure: I received the Mumbelli  free of charge  in exchange for this review. All opinions and reviews shared in this post are my own. 


February 26, 2018

Basic Invite Customizable Invitations

Happy Monday to you all! 
As spring is approaching, our family has many exciting events coming up! Over the next few months, we will be attending a Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Wedding, First Birthday, Housewarming Party & College Graduation all for members of our family.
This time of year marks the start of lots of celebrating for our loved ones & we can't wait!

I myself LOVE a good get together and my very favorite part of throwing a party...is the planning! I love to create custom invitations to send out to our guests leading up to an event, plus I always stash an extra in our family album as a keepsake! 

Today I want to share with you a company called Basic Invite that allows customers to create customizable invitations & stationary for all of life's big moments!

This invitation website offers a large variety of designs and styles, including everything from birthday invitation ideas, to thank you notes, and more. They also offer over 180 different color options so that your creation can be customized right on down to the littlest detail!
Once your creation is complete, customers can utilize their instant online preview PLUS order a printed sample of the design before placing the final order. 
Need envelopes to match!? Basic Invite carries over 40 different colors so that your invitation can be sent out in style!  

When it comes to addressing the invitations, Basic Invite has an address capturing service that enables customers to easily share a link on social media to request addresses from family and friends, which are stored within the customer's account and can be selected during the design process.

They are currently offering 15% off all orders with code: 15FF51 

 I am excited to design my own custom creations for both of my summer babies,  just like the ones below!

Be sure to check them out on Social Media
feel free to share your favorite designs below!

Thanks so much for stopping by, wishing you all a wonderful week!


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