April 11, 2016

BUMPstyle Box Code

Good Morning & Happy Monday!

I am SO excited to share this post on the most awesome little box I received in the mail last week :)
Ladies...my BUMPstyle Box has arrived!

For any of you preggos out there, OHMYWORD this is a service you must check out! 
I started by visiting their website and filling out a survey to describe my style. I answered questions such as my favorite colors and styles to wear as well as pieces I am looking to try out. Then all I did was hit submit and a Personal Stylist put together a box and sent it on it's way, it was that easy! The box arrived on my doorstep a few days later and I COULD NOT WAIT to tear into it. The stylist sent me so many pieces that I never would have thought to pick out myself, and I loved them all!

The way it works is, anything that may not fit can easily be sealed into the pre-paid package they send along with your box and returned to them for free within 3 business days. You can also choose to place a one time order, or to have it be a monthly service. Literally a chic boutique delivered to your door, complete with a free stylist and return policy. LOVE!

I am in heaven with these looks and loved playing dress up and trying them all out this weekend. I have a ton of baby showers, bridal showers and weddings to attend this summer, so I know these looks will carry me through! 

Want to get started & order your 1st BUMPstylebox!?
Simply follow the link and use my referral code to get your box on it's way <3

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I did receive a referral code to share for the purpose of this review. All opinions and reviews are my own.

Thank you for supporting brands that support this Blog!



  1. That red dress is my fav!! SO stunning on you!



  2. Omgosh! Need to remember this for whenever I'm pregnant again! I literally borrowed most of the maternity clothes I wore from a good friend who has the same taste and style as I do. It was amazing! I love everything you got in your box!!

    Xox Dana Ivy // www.iadorewhatilove.com

    1. The BUMPstyle box is amazing! Thank you so much :)


  3. Lovely post! This pictures are so beautiful!
    XO Pisa


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