October 29, 2016

Happy Two Months

Hey All, Happy Fall!

This past month has been so busy for us. For some reason being home with a little one makes me feel like the days just fly by. And all I wanna do is freeze time! But here's my little replay from this past month :)

Our little sweetness turned Two Months Old on the 17th and he is growing like CRAZY! He is rolling over, full of smiles and loves doing tummy time! He is such a go-with-the-flow kinda baby and we have been loving just taking him everywhere and creating so many new memories. His little personality is really starting to show and I am just can't get enough of being his Mama!

Especially with the holiday season creeping up on us, I just can't wait for all of the fun ahead with this little man. I am huge on holidays and I am so excited for all the new traditions we get to start as a little family! The hubby and I took Baby Colt to a nearby Pumpkin Patch and we are going to be dressing him up for his very first Halloween on Monday!

Last weekend, we got to celebrate his Baptism. It was such a special day and the weather was so beautiful! All of our family came to join us and we were so thankful to have a full day with all of our loved ones!

I also recently joined a Mom's Group at a local church & the baby and I absolutely LOVE it! It has been such a blessing to us and a great way to be able to meet other Mamas in our area. They are all just the sweetest group of women! We feel so fortunate to have met them all and to be able to bond over Mommyhood! 
And speaking of Mommyhood, I am IN LOVE with these tops below! They are both new items in for Fall at two of my favorite online boutiques. The links to shop both of these tops were shared in my previous Fashion Vlogs along with a little discount code to snag yours for 15% off ;) 

Well we are off to start our Saturday! Thanks for stopping by and we wish you and your little babes all a very Happy Halloween Weekend!

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