February 27, 2017

Ergo Baby 360

I've mentioned before that I'm a HUGE fan of babywearing! Aside from the obvious convenience it provides when the baby needs to be held at the same time that I am trying to do laundry, wash dishes and cook dinner, it is true that babies that are carried cry less. And from a developmental stand point, the emotional benefits of having Mama and baby close to one another are super important in helping babies to develop a secure attachment to parents.

When Colton was brand new, I used the Classic Modern Moby Wrap both around the house and while out & about and I highly recommend it for tiny babies! I mean I wore that thing daily when he was a newborn and I loved that the this wrap was soft, washable and not bulky. However, as he got a little heavier, it just didn't seem to distribute his weight as comfortably for me while I was wearing it and I felt like he just wasn't as secure in it. It is meant for babies to be carried in up to 35 pounds, but I just felt that I needed a little more support when wearing him.

So that's when we tried out the Four Position 360 Carrier from Ergo Baby. Given that it is a four position carrier, it can be used for a back carry, hip carry, front carry facing outward or as a front carry facing inward. At this point, Colton is consistently holding his head up on his own and loves to look around, so we typically face him outward in it. It is great for using around the house, when going on walks and for when I'm out in the barn taking care of our horses.
Another huge reason as to why I chose to go with the Ergo over other brands is because their products are certified as "hip healthy" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Proper hip placement was a huge factor for me when choosing a carrier, so the ergonomics of the Ergo brings me peace of mind!

We are thankful for adventures that are made so much sweeter thanks to our carrier. Browse all of the Ergo Carriers to see which one is right for you!

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February 17, 2017

6 month old baby update

It is hard to believe that baby Colt is already SIX months old...half way to one! I'm not sure if he will ever be referred to as any name other than "Baby Colt" or "my little buddy" because well, he's my baby & my buddy and that's the only way I know him!

But before I had him, all the Mamas I knew told me to cherish every moment because it goes by in the blink of an eye. And it's true. Babies change so quickly and somehow my little man is now sitting up, has two teeth and is (almost!) sleeping through the night.

Now that we've reached the six month mark, I finally feel like we have a schedule down.  We are almost always on the go, so even though it's not very rigid, it is really nice to have a rough outline for how our day is gonna go. Don't get me wrong, I still feel like a hot mess a lot of the time. If we are out of our pajamas, all fed (baby, myself & animals included!) and out the door by 9, I feel so accomplished. ha! & I only have ONE! So I can't imagine how Mama's of multiples do it!

Baby Colt absolutely loves being in our Ergo 360 Carrier. I'm a HUGE fan of baby wearing! Mostly because it keeps him happy and close by while allowing me to tackle all my to-do's. When Colt was brand new, we used the heck out of our Moby Wrap and it was hands down my favorite! As he got a little heavier though, we switched over to the Ergo Carrier & haven't looked back! I usually face him outward in it because he loves to be able to see what's goin' on and it makes getting things done around the house so much easier. (I will be sharing more on why we chose to go with an Ergo carrier next week!)

We have started him on solids and that boy can eat! Teething has been ROUGH but his little gummy smile has officially been changed into a little two-teeth smile and it is my favorite :)
As a SAHM, days can really start to blend so we make it a point to get out of the house atleast once a day. Whether on a walk, to run errands or simply take a stroll around the mall or Target! We also love our Baby Playgroups where he gets to interact with his little friends and I get to sneak in some conversation with the Mamas that have to do with something other than spit-up, diapers and singing the same song for the hundredth time ;)

This season of life is by far my favorite. I know I always say it, but being a Mama is the best thing that has ever come my way. I am so grateful that I am able to share my journey and learn alongside others here who are experiencing the same special moments each day with their little ones. It truly is such a gift!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend & thank you so much for stopping by!



February 9, 2017

Valentine's Day Chewbeads Giveaway

As we are approaching the six month mark, our little Colton is teething on everything! Usually my jewelry is the first thing he grabs to put in his mouth as soon as I pick him up, so I recently got some items from Chewbeads for him to use and we are in love with their line!

Chewbeads carries a collection of teething jewelry & baby accessories that are cute for Mama to wear and safe for baby to teethe on! They are:
  • Non-toxic & chemical free
  • 100% silicone teething jewelry
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Soft to chew on for baby's sore gums
  • Serve as a sensory tool to help babies to focus while nursing
They carry lots of different styles & colors and we love our teething necklace from their Jane Collection!

I am teaming up with Chewbeads to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a free teething necklace in the Jane style, in the color of your choice! Winner will be announced on Valentine's Day!

To enter to win:
1. Follow both @misslulupearl & @chewbeads on Instagram
2. Like the Giveaway Photo on my Instagram & tag a few Mama friends in the comments (each tag counts as one entry!)
3. Stay tuned as the winner will be announced on my Instagram on 2/14
***Giveaway ends 2/14 at 12PM
This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered with Instagram Incorporation. Must be 18+ to enter & US residents only.

Disclosure: I received free merchandise from Chewbeads for the purpose of this review. The giveaway item is being provided by Chewbeads.
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