June 29, 2017

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Happy almost F R I D A Y!!
I have gotten a few reader emails regarding items from my 10 Month Old Baby Update so I wanted to share a few more items with you here as a follow up to those questions. Feel free to comment below or email me if you have any additional questions :)

**For fixing any self tanning mistakes or exfoliating before/after application
Shop Here: Self Tan Exfoliate & Eraser Mit

**Trial a free month of jewelry from Rocksbox  by using coupon code lulupearlblogxoxo during checkout at rocksbox.com
**We are LOVING these silicone bibs by Chewbeads Baby. Lots of color combos available!
Shop Here: Chewbeads Baby Silicone Bib

**This is the cup we use to transition Colton to a sippy cup
Shop Here: NUK Sippy Cup

**The BEST service to gift yourself or a new/expecting parent!!!  Also makes the perfect shower and newborn gift
Shop Here: Diaper Variety Packs by Diaper Dabbler

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June 19, 2017

10 Month Old Baby Update & Giveaway News

 Hello Everyone!
Please view the video below for our 10 Month Old baby update & for giveaway news from Chewbeads!

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Kendra Scott Earrings from Rocksbox 
***Get a free Rocksbox in the mail by using coupon code lulupearlblogxoxo during checkout

Browse the full collection of  Feeding Items by Chewbeads Baby
& be sure to give them a Follow on their Instagram!

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June 12, 2017

PinkBlush Feature Items

Happy Monday,
Just a quick post for you all today! 

I shared this mint pleated maxi skirt that I received from PinkBlush on my Instagram a couple of weeks back and I got A TON of questions about it! I thought I would throw together some details for you all in case you're looking to add to your summer wardrobe.
I also am loving this criss cross top that they sent me along with the skirt! Both items are pictured below

Between chasing our (now mobile!) little guy around, keeping up with errands, cooking & cleaning, I find myself absolutely worn out more often than I'd like to admit. That is why I love being able to share these items from PinkBlush with you all! Sometimes all a girl needs in the midst of the chaos is a few fun items in the closet ;)

Wising you all a fabulous week!

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June 2, 2017

Head to Toe Beauty Regimen

Below I have compiled a list of my favorite, everyday beauty items along with their shoppable links! Gonna be straightforward, it's a looonnngg list!! ;)
Please note that the links below are affiliate links which means I receive a small commission through purchases to help keep this blog running at no extra cost to you

Hair Products:
After having my baby boy, I discovered the lovely side effect of postpartum hair. My hair, that had gotten so thick and healthy while pregnant, started falling out! I know that is a pretty typical postpartum experience for most moms. However I also colored my hair for quite a few years, so after having my baby I decided to take my hair back to it's natural color & give it a little TLC.
I currently use a Color Gloss to help deepen my shade back to it's natural color and I have shared that below. It helps to prevent the darker color from fading!
The rest of the items below are what I use for washing & repairing strands & protecting them from heat styling. These products have helped to restore the health of my hair and it is FINALLY back to the way it was pre-baby!
It's a 10 Miracle Leave In Product (I use this sparingly because I have heard overuse can actually cause breakage! I usually apply once a week.)
Teaser Comb (It may just be the pageant girl in me, but the higher the hair the better!!)
Pantene Air Spray Hairspray for brushable, medium hold
Self Tanning Products:
I am ALL about tannin' from a bottle opposed to laying out in the sun! I mean I LOVE being poolside but I am terrified of the damage it can do to your skin, so I always use sunblock.
Fake Bake self tanning products have been a favorite of mine since my pageant days! I love their original serum, but if you're not careful, it can be very orange. I am a little bit more fair skinned so that may be why! However for my skintone, this coconut serum I have linked below is perfect because it shows where it goes during application so you can avoid streaks. It is not orange at all and it actually does not have that typical fake tanner smell! 
In fact after putting it on the other day, my hubby walked in and asked if I got a new Bath & Body Works lotion!! It really does smell good :)
I highly recommend using the applicator mit while applying the serum to avoid stained hands. Fake Bake sells an applicator mit, but I just prefer the one by St. Tropez.
I hand wash my mit in cool water after ever use and lay it flat to dry.  I typically apply self tanner 1-2 times per week and I use body lotion to keep moisturized in between applications to extend the life of the color! The color usually lasts about 4-5 days for me.
***If you're looking for great self tanner at a cheaper cost, the option below has been one of my go-to's for years!! It goes on easily and is not streaky! For the quality, you really can't beat the cost :)

So this is probably going to be the LONGEST LIST EVER! I lovee makeup. Back when I was modeling full time, I got to work with some amazing makeup artists  and I got to learn a lot from them! But I love doing makeup so much that I did it myself for my own wedding. I am by NO MEANS a pro, but I just love the process and using different products so whenever I have the option, I opt to do it on my own. I listed the items below in the order that I apply them! So I start with theAnti-Aging Creme, and then I move onto the BB creme and so on :) 

Laura Gellar Blush-N-Brighten(I use this just to highlight my face for a sunkissed look after at the end of application!)
Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray  ***This is always my final step to keep makeup from sweating off or fading

Once upon a time I was able to go to the salon regularly to keep up on my no-chip mani & pedi! But as a stay at home mom with a hubby who works long hours, I rarely have time to go in to get my nails done anymore! I love the look of freshly painted nails but I cannot stand chipping so I opt for an at home gel manicure that I can do once my sweet baby goes to sleep at night. The polish below is easy to apply and there is no gel setting light needed! I apply two coats of color (either red, blue or pink because those are my favorites!!) and then one coat of the gel top coat on top. It dries super fast and lasts up to two weeks!!

If you have any questions about the items I have shared or any favorite beauty products of your own, please leave them in the comments below because I always LOVE discovering new items!
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!


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