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Welcome Mama! Whether you are newly pregnant or due anyday, I have included this portion of my Blog as a way to share my experience throughout pregnancy. When I was expecting Colton, I found myself experiencing SO many new things...from symptoms, cravings & hormones, to trying to perfect my baby registry. I just longed to be able to relate to someone in the same shoes & to feel that all of these things were normal! That is exactly why I chose to document my pregnancy, delivery & birth story. Hope you enjoy

August 1
, 2016

How Far Along:  This week marks 38 weeks & the doctor has confirmed that we are full term!

Symptoms:  Sleep is easiest now in 2-3 hour increments since laying in one spot too long is just way too uncomfortable. I think this has honestly prepared me for my sleep schedule to come. I am still dead set on walking everyday as well, especially since my dog literally lives to go on walks! But even just 20 minutes of walking is SO tough at this point so I am doing my best. Heartburn is pretty constant still and I have just about outgrown ALL of my maternity clothes!


Food Cravings & Aversions: Ugh none! I am so over food! There is literally no room left in my stomach so eating has become a bit of a chore. Thank heavens for ice cream and bomb pops, because those are about the only things I can get down!

Things that have been helpful:
Staying busy! Our due date is so close and I am soo excited I can't even take the suspense, so I am doing my best to keep myself occupied until the little one is ready!

Want to Remember:
Everything is ready to go...the nursery is completely finished & the carseat is installed.  The doctor said that the baby can arrive anytime now!
As excited as I am to meet this baby, I am definitely going to miss being pregnant. I won't necessarily miss ALL of the symptoms that go along with it ;) but I really love having my little guy with me all the time and I truly have enjoyed every stage.  The past nine months have flown by and I am so thankful to have had such a great pregnancy!


July 17, 2016

How Far Along: 35 Weeks

Symptoms:  We are getting soo close to meeting this little guy! Heartburn, nausea and exhaustion are pretty much my top three symptoms at the moment. Walking has become pretty painful at this point but I am still determined to get my daily walks in! 


Food Cravings & Aversions: None at the moment! It's still hard to eat a full meal without getting sick, so I'm all about the snacks :) 

Things that have been helpful: Resting! I am such an active person so laying around all day is really not appealing to me and mentally I just wanna get up and go! But just in the last week or two, I have really noticed myself getting so achy even after something as simple as a trip to the grocery store. Luckily my mom and sister have been SO helpful in getting my home all ready and crossing off the last minute to-dos before baby's arrival. Having some help around the house and taking time to rest throughout the day have been very helpful!

Want to Remember: We had our Baby Shower last weekend and officially have everything we need to welcome our baby boy! We also completed the nursery, my hubby and I took a birthing class at the hospital and our hospital bags are just about packed!

  July 1, 2016

Happy 8 Months, I cannot even believe we just have one month left to go! This little one is still very active and I am cherishing this time as much as possible!

How Far Along: 33 Weeks

Symptoms:  Heartburn is still goin' strong & some nausea has returned which is a bit of a bummer! Baby's movements are starting to feel painful and it is soo tough to comfortable! I don't think I've gotten a full night of sleep in over a month, and I suppose I can just kiss sleep goodbye from here on out ;) Little man is doing really well though so there is not a symptom in this world that could keep me from feeling anything other than excitement at this point!
Thankfully I'm not feeling nearly as tired as I was at the start of the 3rd Trimester so I am happy to still be really active at this point!

Food Cravings & Aversions: I never thought I'd say this...but I'm getting so sick of food! I can't eat really eat a full meal without experiencing some nausea. Honestly if I could just live on popsicles and gas station icees from here on out, I would be completely satisfied!

Things that have been helpful: Completing everything in steps. The nursery has been one of those things we kinda just have been working on as we go. We got most of the furniture in, but my shower is next weekend so I know I have a lot of gift organizing ahead of me! So far any little gifts we have gotten here and there from friends and neighbors along with purchases I have made have been washed and put into place so that is one less thing I will have to do. I have also started packing my hospital bag and I just add to it here and there. It is super helpful to just break these things up as they all can take so much time, plus it gives me time to enjoy the process :)

Want to Remember: We had our very last ultrasound last weekend and we will not see baby again now until his arrival! The doctor said he is in position for delivery and he is measuring right on track so I am soo thankful for that.  We also got a few maternity shots taken!

June 4, 2016

How Far Along: 29 Weeks

Symptoms:  I know  everyone says that the 2nd Trimester is the Honeymoon stage of pregnancy...and it definitely was for me! As soon as I hit the 3rd Trimester I started feeling what all those books have been warning me about. I do have to say this has thankfully been a pretty easy pregnancy & I really do love being pregnant! I do however feel like the pressure of my growing babe is starting to take it's toll a little more on my body though. I have developed Sciatica, which is basically fancy terminology for that stinging pain that runs from your lower back, down the back of you legs all the way into your ankles, which according to my doctor is pretty common in the 3rd Trimester. Standing for long periods of time is just not possible anymore as it makes everything ache! Braxton Hicks contractions have begun as well and seem to happen regularly throughout the day, especially during a workout. The doctor said that too will continue this Trimester and to only be concerned if I am getting more than 10 an hour, which is definitely not the case at this point! Heartburn is still pretty strong and my energy seems to be on a steady decline. Sleeping through the night is pretty much impossible at this point and taking a full, deep breath is out too...thanks to my lungs being crammed! Since school is now out for the summer (one of the perks of being a teacher and now a stay at home mommy to be!) I am thankful to be able to spend the rest of this pregnancy laying by the pool! I have a feeling that should take care of just about all these symptoms ;)
Food Cravings & Aversions: I am really not craving anything too specific at this point. Mainly just popsicles and ice cream since this warmer weather is making me feel like a heater! I usually LOVE the heat but pregnancy makes you sweat all.the.time. So I am constantly wanting cold foods to cool off!  

Things that have been helpful: My big ol' moon shaped pregnancy pillow :) My hubs bought it for me earlier in my pregnancy and I have never appreciated that huge pillow as much as I do right now! Even though it takes up literally more than half our bed, nothing beats it's comfort!

Want to Remember: Last week we got a 3D Ultrasound and LOVED it! We went to this sweet little place about an hour away where they projected the ultrasound on a big screen tv and we just got to watch our little man kick and move for about 15 minutes, which is much longer than the typical ultrasounds you get at check ups. We also got a print of photos that show so many details of the baby! We could make out his little face and at one point during the ultrasound, he started crying! I didn't even know that babies can cry in the womb, but the ultrasound tech said that they definitely do and his little face showed it! I highly recommend getting a 3D Ultrasound done. It is a little bit pricey but soo worth it!

May 2, 2016

Good Morning Mamas,

Here is my update for week 24! Baby Colton has done a lot of growing in the past couple of weeks and I can tell because a lot of my more fitted maternity tops are getting tight...ahh!!
I am starting to lean a little more towards some roomier options for everyday wear and this fun, flowy dress I am wearing in the picture below was an awesome find from Texas Two Boutique. I love Texas and I am SO pumped to be teaming up with this darling little shop straight outta TX to offer my readers a shopping discount! This is not a maternity boutique, but I did snag some pieces from them that work great with a belly.
Check them out at & use code Amanda15 at checkout to take 15% off your order plus free shipping!
I have gotten a couple of questions on my Instagram about sizing, but whenever I order non-maternity clothing to fit me right now, I usually order one size up :) 

How Far Along: 24 Weeks

Symptoms:  So.much.heartburn! It just keeps getting stronger! I read in one of my baby books that heartburn during pregnancy can sometimes predict a baby with a head full of hair, so if that is really true my little guy should be born with some pretty luscious locks! ;) 
This little guy's kicks have gotten so strong and he just keeps them coming...I'm really not sure that he ever sleeps!


Food Cravings & Aversions: Still on my lemonade kick! Anything sweet and sour is definitely my favorite right now.

Things that have been helpful: Staying active! Having horses has helped to keep me super active throughout this pregnancy and just being out in the barn and moving around has helped so much with the sore & achy muscles I've been feeling.

Want to Remember: We have officially started working on our little man's nursery! We got his crib and the rocking chair all set up last weekend. Still waiting on a few more pieces and the room is definitely still in need of some major organization, but we are makin' progress :)


April 11, 2016

IT'S A BOY!!! We are SO excited to have a little man on the way :) We shared the news with our family this past weekend by doing a little Gender Reveal Party. Can't even wait for his arrival!

How Far Along:
20 Weeks

Symptoms:  Energy is still high thankfully! Heartburn has appeared out of nowhere though this week which is something I have never experienced before, so it was a bit of a shock. This little guy kicks like CRAZY now too! Just a week ago the kicks were still like little flutters, and now they are strong enough where we can see his movement across my belly!


Food Cravings & Aversions: Pink lemonade & lemonade specifically from Chick-fil-A. I seriously can't get enough!

Things that have been helpful: Meeting up with girlfriends and tackling the projects around the house! Gotta put this energy to good use ;)

Want to Remember: Finding out the baby's gender. The doctor did our big 20 week scan last weekend where she checked everything from the baby's heart and brain to the spine and limbs. She didn't even have the ultrasound wand over by belly for 5 seconds and she was like do you want to know the gender!? As soon as she said it was a boy, I cried I was so excited! My husband has had a strong feeling it was a boy all along so it was so fun to see his reaction. After our appointment, we proceeded to the mall and then Buy Buy Baby where I shopped till I dropped and got an entire wardrobe for this little man's first month of life. I have developed a serious lack of self control when it comes to little blue outfits :)
We also chose his name and shared it on the day of our Gender Reveal party. We are naming him Colton Thomas <3


March 28, 2016

Hey All! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!
My husband and I went to Easter Mass in the morning and the service was so great. It was a wonderful reminder that this day is not just about the eggs and the chocolate and the bunnies (though let's not forget about them completely!) It was just nice to be able to start our day celebrating the Resurrection and thanking the Lord for all of the sweet blessings He has given us. We absolutely LOVE our church and Easter mass is always so pretty. It is full of flowers and all things Spring and is such a great reminder of why we as Christians celebrate our Lord on this day, and everyday.

"This is the day the Lord has made;  
let us Rejoice 
and be Glad"
Psalm 118:24
After church, we met up with some of our family for brunch and even more family in the evening for dessert! It was SO good to have a whole day just to visit with all of our loved ones and catch up. It is always fun to catch up with my sweet sister-in-laws and cousins! Just love these ladies & getting girl time with them :) 

 As for baby news, I think my belly has popped y'all! I literally felt like it grew over the weekend! I looked down at church yesterday and I COULD NOT SEE MY FEET! ah when did that happen!? Baby must be really enjoying all that extra Easter food ;) 
Here is my update below for the week!

How Far Along: 19 Weeks
Symptoms:  Still loving all this extra energy! I have NEVER been a night person, but I have been staying up until 11PM some nights! My usual bedtime not pregnant is usually 8:30...if I'm lucky & caffeinated! So having this little Second Trimester Energy boost is amazing! I think because I was SO stinkin' sick and sleepy all of the First Trimester, that things are evening out a bit! I am definitely starting to feel the baby move too! Baby seems to get real active in the evenings, ya know, right as I am ready to relax :) 
Food Cravings & Aversions: Anything sweet! It is not even safe for me to watch those fun cake and cupcake decorating shows these days as I have ZERO control over my cravings and they send me running to the store! I am trying so hard to keep it healthy, but I am literally dreaming about cupcakes at night and waking up wanting to inhale them. My husband didn't believe the intensity of these sweets cravings until it was about 9 o'clock the other night, and I had to send that sweet man out to bring me home a bag of Sour Patch Kids! 

Things that have been helpful: I mentioned my belly has grown, and it is starting to feel heavy! I feel like its still too early for this!? Wearing my Beband has definitely helped. My back and all my joints really have been getting so achy, so prenatal massage and pedicures have been my savior!

Want to Remember: The first kick! I was sitting in a meeting after work last week, gorging on a brownie, and about ten minutes later I felt all these flutters in my belly! I was like is that it?! It went away for awhile and later that evening, I was laying on the couch and it happened again! I texted my friend because she is six weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy, so I love asking her what I can expect next! I described the feeling and she said her baby's first kicks felt the same way! It was literally like bubbles and ever since, I have been noticing it way more! It seems to intensify whenever I eat some sweet or drink something cold. 


March 16, 2016

Hey Everyone! Happy Spring!! The weather has FINALLY turned Spring-like here in Chicago and it is such a welcomed change :)
So excited to update you all with my 17 week post! Enjoy!

How Far Along: 17 Weeks
Symptoms:  I am so happy to say that I am definitely getting my energy back! Now that I am into the second trimester, pregnancy is getting more comfortable for sure! Working out is getting a lot easier now that I am not so fatigued 24/7 and since the weather is getting warmer outside, it has been great to get out and walk everyday. Definitely feeling a whole new energy!
Food Cravings & Aversions: Still eating enough to feed a Football Team ;) Doctor says I should be putting on about a pound a week now, so I am definitely taking full advantage...while trying to keep it healthy, but I totally don't mind polishing off the occasional half-pint of ice cream here and there! I also have a new found love for smoothies. I have always been a really healthy eater for the most part, but when I got pregnant, fruit literally tasted like lotion. I don't know what happened to my tastebuds, but it grossed me out! Now that it is appetizing again, fruit smoothies have been a great addition back into my diet!

Things that have been helpful: Enjoying the added energy that is brought on by the 2nd Trimester. Hubby and I are getting out on date nights as much as we possibly can, since I know they will be a little tougher to squeeze in once our little arrives.

Want to Remember: We are SO close to finding out the baby's gender! Also, at my appointment last week my Doctor said I will be starting to feel movement anytime now, so I am eagerly waiting to feel that first kick!


February 15, 2016

Happy (late!) Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays and luckily my hubs was home from work all day to spend the day together! He works six days a week since it's busy seasons for all the Accountants out there, so scoring a whole day together was a gift! <3

Anyways, onto baby news!!! Tomorrow will mark 14 Weeks, but below is my 13 Week Update for all the mamas in the same boat. It is crazy how much can change within a pregnancy from week to week!

How Far Along: 13 Weeks
Symptoms: Morning sickness has been on it's way out for a couple weeks now...or so I thought! HA! I totally went a whole week without losing my stomach and then last week it all seemed to come back in strong waves! Ugh! Headaches have been getting stronger and more frequent too. No matter what I try, it seems impossible to kick them. Baby is growing like crazy though and I am so excited that people are actually starting to notice my bump! It's definitely starting to look more like a baby bump and a little less like I gorged on donuts;) The bump makes all the icky side effects SO worth it!
Food Cravings & Aversions: I see food these days and I can't control myself! Still on my carbs kick. Can't get enough! And pickles. I could seriously sit down and eat six at a time! lol 

Things that have been helpful: Getting out of the house! Seriously, if I am not at work, I have been curled up in a ball on the couch almost all of the 1st Trimester due to all day & night morning sickness. Since I seem to get some relief here and there, it has been so good to get dressed and out of the house with the Mr at those times and even to do dinners with friends. It helps me to feel a little more human and a part of society!

Want to Remember: At our most recent ultrasound, we got to hear baby's heartbeat for the very first time! We videoed it and I replay it constantly because it is just so sweet to hear!

January 24, 2016


How Far Along: 10 Weeks!
Symptoms: Thankfully my morning sickness is calming down some! I still have a little nausea here and there, but mostly just early in the morning and around dinnertime instead of BLESS!
My tummy is getting noticeably rounder and my clothes are definitely fitting tighter. The Doctor said sometimes when the mom is shorter, she will show earlier so that may be the case...or I'm just having a giant baby ;)
 I have also been SO sleepy. I literally have to rest after the simplest taking a shower, taking a trip to the refrigerator, blow drying my hair. It's pretty much impossible for me to keep my eyes open past 7PM!
Food Cravings & Aversions: Luckily my appetite has seemed to be returning this week and I want to eat everything in sight! Carbs, cheese, sour gummy worms and pickled everything is my obsession and the moment!  

Things that have been helpful: Napping! Even laying down for a little while helps to take the edge off of my exhaustion. I did cut back on coffee (I have always been one of those gals who depends on strong, black, Columbian style coffee to keep me going!) and since baby has come on board, I have cut wayyyy back so pepping myself up in the morning has been a real struggle. I have been treating myself to decaf lattes here and there, but I'm still trying to limit myself to only two-three cups per week. Doctor says its ok to still a cup of coffee a day, but I think I needed a coffee detox anyway! lol  
Want to Remember: At my last ultrasound, the baby was wiggling and I could see it clear as day! It's little head and body were moving like crazy. Even though its still way too early for me to feel those little movements, it was SO precious to see it on the screen!


December 30, 2015

Well it's official, I'm going to be a mama!
Hubby and I are expecting baby number one this coming summer and we are over the moon excited!

Our sweet girl Lulu was exited to get in on the fun as well! She is going to be the best big sister ever :)


We shared the news with our family and very close friends on Christmas Day. We were way too excited to keep it in and I probably would have let it blurt it out at some point during that day anyway being surrounded with family! Every couple has very personal feelings on when the right time is to share the news. When it is so early on in the 1st trimester, a zillion scenarios play through your mind and it can be hard to know just when to share your news. You think about all the fun that lies ahead as well as "what if the unthinkable happens?" We felt that even though it was early in the pregnancy, baby needed to be celebrated and we warmly welcomed the prayers and positive vibes from our closest loved ones to get us through those early weeks.  We decided to wait until we were 12 weeks along to share it with the rest of our circle. I will continue to share my pregnancy updates with you. I will be honest though, this really is not that glamorous. And these updates will be the real deal! Yes, pregnancy is such an exciting and beautiful time. It is amazing to see the changes each week as your little one is busy growing. But the reality is, growing a babe is hard work. Probably the toughest thing I have done in my life. I prefer to collaborate with other mommy's to know we are all in this together. The queasiness, the sensitivity to smells, food aversions, common all hits you like a ton of bricks. Social media and the online world can make pregnancy look like a walk in the park. Although this is the biggest blessing I ever could have imagined, it is definitely not for the weak of heart. Follow along as I share the symptoms I have felt and all of the joy that goes into welcoming a new baby into the world! Please share with me as well as I hope we can all support one another and celebrate this most sacred life event! 

How Far Along: Our Pregnancy Announcement photos (both shown above) were taken at 5 Weeks! My tummy was swollen from the get go:) We didn't share the photos with anyone other than our close family and friends until 12 weeks, but we couldn't resist documenting our brand new news!

Symptoms: Weeks 5-8 have brought on a boatload of morning sickness! I'm talking I'm up by 2 or 3 every morning with extreme nausea and it lasts all day long, until about which time I fall asleep. And then I'm up again around 2 or 3 the next morning to start it all over again! I've also been really dizzy and exhausted on another level. I have given up coffee (except for the occasional decaf latte) so finding energy to get up and go (on top of keeping up with 27 little students everyday!) has been a little tough. A lot of mommy friends have shared however that morning sickness (or all day sickness ;) is a good sign and predicts a healthy baby! That is enough to get us through!

Food Cravings & Aversions: I am a girl who LOVES to eat, so I totally didn't think I would be turning away any food at all. In the first few weeks however, all I wanted was bland food. Tomato soup and brown rice drenched in olive oil, seriously couldn't get enough! Gross, right!? Around week 5, my husband and  I went to Punta Cana for a week! Food was delicious, however after about a day it all made me gag. The fruit, burgers, veggies, pasta, pizza, soup...all of it had my stomach turning. He was able to enjoy the "all inclusive eat anything you want menu with complimentary drinks", and I was all about water and saltines. It was a bit of a bummer!

Things that have been helpful: One of my sweet mommy friends recommended I pick up Preggie Pops. So off I went to Babies R Us and I bought the entire shelf of drops and lolipops! My nausea seems to come and go all day and night, and at times it gets so strong. I keep a container of the candies in my pantry, some in my purse, some in my car, right next to my bed and another box in my classroom. As soon as I feel nauseous, I pop one in my mouth and it has helped a ton! Of course saltine crackers have been a staple as well. I have been really good about not letting myself get hungry and making sure I'm eating something small about every 2 hours to avoid that icky feeling. Also keeping a bottle of water on me at all times has been helpful as well because I have been insatiably thirsty!

Want to Remember: As soon as I got that positive test, I took belly pictures! I knew that things would be changing and I wanted to be able to document it all. I try and take a belly pic each week to track baby's growth. 
One of the sweetest moments I will remember from Trimester 1 is seeing baby's heartbeat for the very first time. It popped up during my very first ultrasound. The nurse said baby was measuring just under 5 cm, but it's little heart was beating at 122 bpm! That moment was so defining because although the doctor confirmed everything prior to the ultrasound, sometimes its tough to really believe you are pregnant as many of the symptoms can feel like the flu! Seeing the heartbeat on the monitor however and getting a print out of ultrasound pictures made it so much more real. My heart could explode I am so thankful!



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